Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is truly an American treasure. Encompassing over 265,000 acres of land, the Park combines unending vistas, majestic mountain peaks and wildlife like very few places.

Rocky Mountain National Park is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Over 60 named mountain peaks climb higher than 12,000 feet with Longs Peak reaching its peak at 14,259 feet. With the Park's main entrypoint, Estes Park, at 7,500 feet, the Park rises almost 7,000 feet to its peak.  The Park also contains 359 miles of trails, 150 lakes and 450 miles of streams. All of this adds up to a wonderland for outdoor enthusiasts.

Grassy meadows sprinkled with wildflowers, dramatic canyons and lush forests await Park visitors. Or, take a drive on FallRiver Road into the Park and view the amazing array of wildlife including elk, mule deer, moose, bighorn sheep, coyotes, black bears, cougars and hundreds of smaller animals.

Your stay at the Inn On Fall River places you in the heart of this majestic place. The Park is just a short drive away from the Inn and has kept people coming back for 30 years.

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Rocky Mountain National Park Facts

The Park was the 10th national park in the system, approved by Congress on January 26, 1915. It is one of 51 national parks in the country.

265,726 acres, about one-ninth the size of Yellowstone; 415 square miles.

Park Headquarters at the Beaver Meadows entrance is at 7,800 feet. Longs Peak, the tallest mountain in the park, is 14,259 feet above sea level.

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The Inn on Fall River is just 2 miles from the north entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park.